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Zoo-, Zo- Words: “zoomancy” to “zoophagy”,
Part 4 of 5.

Words that include: zoo-, zo-, -zoic, -zoid, -zoite, -zoal,
-zonal, -zooid, -zoon, -zoa, -zoan
(Greek: animal; living being; life).

A form of divination based on the observation of animals or their movements, under certain circumstances, so as to predict future events.
An excessive devotion to an animal (dog, cat, etc.) or to certain animals.
One who uses animal behavior as a means of predicting future events.
A specialists who uses statistical methods in the study of animals.
zoometry, zoometrics:
1. The application of statistical methods to the study of animals.
2. The branch of zoology that studies the sizes and proportions of animals.
3. The measurement and comparison of the sizes of animals and their parts.
A plant that imitates (mimics) an animal.
zoomorphism, zoomorph, zoomorphic:
1. The representation of gods as animals or the attributing of animal characteristics to gods.
2. The use of animal figures in art (including those found in cave paintings/drawings) and design or of animal symbols in literature.
3. The viewing of human behavior in terms of the behavior of animals, especially the principle that human actions are entirely the result of biological and instinctual drives rather than of reason or emotion.
Animal deities are shown.

1. Having the form of an animal.
2. Formation of structures in plants as a result of animal agents; such as, in the production of galls.
An individual developed from an egg.
zooneuston, zooneustonic:
Minute animal organisms that float or swim on surface water or on a surface film of water.
A specialist in the laws of animal life.
zoonomy, zoonomia, zoonomic:
1. The laws of animal life or the animal kingdom.
2. The physiology of animals.
zoonosis (singular); zoonoses (plural):
1. A disease transmitted from animals to man under natural conditions; also used more loosely for any disease of animals.
2. A disease, e.g., rabies, anthrax, or ringworms that can be transmitted from vertebrate animals to humans.
3. Any parasitic disease of animals that can be transmitted to humans; such as, cat-scratch fever, psittacosis from parrots, and trichinosis from pigs.
One who classifies the diseases of animals.
The study and classification of the various diseases of animals.
Transmissible from animals to humans under natural conditions; a reference to or constituting a zoonosis.
A reference to a parasite (or parasites) having an animal host.
A dog is shown with two parasites enjoying a feast of its blood.

zoopathology, zoopathy:
The study or science of the diseases of animals; animal pathology.
zoopery, zooperal:
Performing experiments on animals, especially the lower animals.
zoophagy, zoophage, zoophagy, zoophagous:
Feeding on animals or animal matter; carnivorous.
Lions are devouring a zebra.