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achillo-, achill-, Achilles (Greek > Latin: tendon at the back of the heel).

From a Greek myth, Achilles:
The Trojan hero and son of Thetis and Peleus.
Achilles heel:
A weakness that seems small but makes someone fatally vulnerable.
Achilles jerk:
A reflex action of the foot that jerks downward when the lower leg muscles contract.
Achilles tendon:
The tendon that connects the heelbone to the calf muscles.
Inflammation and thickening of the bursae [saclike cavities filled with a fluid about the Achilles tendon, especially of the bursa in front of it.
Pain in the Achilles tendon or in its bursa; achillobursitis.
A reflexogram of the Achilles tendon reflex.
Suture (joint in which the opposed surfaces are closely united or material used in closing a surgical wound with stitches) of the Achilles tendon.
achillotenotomy, achillotomy:
Surgical division of the Achilles tendon.
plastic achilles:
A plastic surgery procedure to elongate the Achilles tendon.