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aeluro-, aelur-, ailuro-, ailouro-, ailur-, eluro- (Greek: cat).

aelurophile, ailurophile, ailourophile:
A love of, or a fondness for, cats.
aelurophilic, ailurophilic:
Someone who has a special fondness for cats.
aelurophobia, ailurophobia, elurophobia:
A morbid fear of cats.
aelurophobe, ailurophobe, elurophobe:
A person who is affected by a morbid fear of cats.
aelurophobic, ailurophobic, elurophobic:
Someone who has a morbid fear or detestation of cats.
aeluropodous, ailuropodus:
In zoology, having feet with retractile claws like a cat.
aeluromania, ailuromania:
An abnormal love of cats.
Belonging to, or having the characters of, the division Aeluroidea of Carnivora, comprising the feline and allied families; as an animal of this division.
Divination or prophecy by observing a cat's manner of jumping.
aeluropodous, ailuropodus:
Having feet with retractile claws like a cat.
Ailuropod, Ailuropus, Ailurus, Ailuridae:
A genus consisting of the giant panda.