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apodyso-, -apodys-, -dyso, -dys, -dysis (Greek: undress, disrobe; take off, strip, lay bare; shed, molt).

Excited sexually by the act or sight of disrobing.
An undue eagerness to disrobe.
1. The act of disrobing as an expression of exhibitionism.
2. The act or habit of mentally undressing a person or fantasizing about what that person looks like naked.
ecdysis singular, ecdyses plural; ecdysiasm:
In psychiatry: 1. The act of undressing as an expression of sexual exhibitionism.
2. A morbid tendency to disrobe in order to provoke useless erotic stimulation in the opposite sex. In nature: 1. The shedding or sloughing off of the epidermis of the skin. The shedding (molting) of the outer covering of the body as occurs in certain animals such as insects, crustaceans, and snakes.
3. The act of shedding or molting the outer exoskeleton or cuticle.
The act of disrobing, or undressing, as a means of expressing or inciting lustfulness.
An abnormal aversion for disrobing as in marital life.