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arena [harena], areni- (Latin: sand, sandy place, sea-shore; place of combat [literally, "place strewn with sand"]).

An indoor or outdoor area, surrounded by seating for spectators, where shows or sports events take place.
A prefix that can be attached to other words with the meaning of sandy, mixed with sand; as with arenaceo-argillaceous: of the nature of sandy clay.
1. Used to describe rocks or deposits that are composed of sand grains or have a sandy texture.
2. A reference to plants that grow best in sandy soil.
3. Derived from or containing sand; having the properties of sand; growing in sand; sandy.
arenicole, arenicolous:
Living in sand.
A worm-hole made originally in sand and preserved in a sandstone rock.
Of or pertaining to sandstone.
Like or similar to sand.

The Arena, More than a Place

The ancient Romans who watched the gladiators fighting to their deaths with swords and other weapons, or wild animals, killing and being killed, went to the amphitheaters for their "entertainment."

arena where blood is spilled  in slaughter

The ground couldn't soak up the quantities of blood spilled on it so the show producers covered the ground with absorbent arena (sand). The sand, or arena, became the name of the place for shows, then sports, etc.

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If you want to leave footprints in the sands of time, don't drag your feet.