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bosci, bosc- (Greek > Latin: to feed, graze).

Apparently bosci is always used in combination with pro-, "before", as in proboscis.

Proboscidea, order of terrestrial mammals (Ferungulata) comprising the elephants and their extinct relatives; typically large body size and showing development of a trunk from the nose and upper lip; teeth reduced, upper jaw often with tusks; includes elephants and mammoths (Elephantidae), mastodons (Mammutidae) and the Deinotherioidea, Moeritherioidea and Gomphotheridae.

proboscidian, proboscidean, of or belonging to the Proboscidea, an order of mammals typified by a trunk or proboscis and including the elephant.

1. A long flexible snout or trunk, as of an elephant.
2. The slender tubular feeding and sucking structure of some insects and worms.
3. A human nose, especially a prominent one, used as a joke.