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celer- (Latin: fast, speed, swift, rapid).

Compare this with brady- for words with opposite meanings.

A substance that is used to intensify a fire.
accelerate, accelerated:
1. To move increasigly quickly, or cause something to move faster.
2. To happen or develop faster, or cause something to happen or develop faster.
1. The rate at which something increases in velocity.
2. An increase in the rate at which something happens or develops.
1. A pedal or other control mechanism used to cause a vehicle to increase speed.
2. LA machine used to increase the velocity, and hence the kinetic energy, of subatomic particles or nuclei, usually in preparation for collision with a target.
An instrument for recording the acceleration of earth-tremors.
1. An instrument or device for measuring acceleration or speed.
2. An instrument for ascertaining the acceleration of a moving body or for measuring mechanical vibrations.
A fast runner; swift footed.
Swiftness, speed. Now chiefly (as distinguished from velocity) with reference to the movements or actions of living beings.
decelerate, deceleration:
To diminish the speed of; to cause to go slower.
An apparatus for reducing the speed of an engine.
An instrument for ascertaining the deceleration of a moving body.