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cerauno-, kerauno- (Greek: thunderbolt, thunder, lightning [literally, "smasher, crusher"]).

In folklore, stones, arrowheads, stone axes, and similar artifacts, believed to have fallen from the sky.
That branch of physics that considers the phenomena of heat and electricity.
In archaeology, any of several kinds of prehistoric artifacts, especially stone axes, believed in ancient times to have fallen as thunderbolts.
ceraunograph, ceraunography, keraunograph, keraunography:
1. An instrument for chronologically recording occurrences of thunder (thunderstorms) and lightning (lightnings or thunderbolts).
2. A figure impressed by lightning upon a body or material.
3. In meteorology, an apparatus, consisting essentially of an antenna connected to a galvanometer or electroscope, for recording the occurrence of a distant thunderstorm.
ceraunogram, keraunogram:
The written record that results from a ceraunograph.
ceraunomania, keraunomania:
A abnormal desire to be around when there are thunder and lightning exhibitions put on by nature.
ceraunomancy, keraunomancy:
A form of divination involving the interpretation of an omen communicated by thunder.
ceraunophilia, keraunophilia:
A special fondness for thunderstorms.
ceraunophobia, keraunophobia:
An excessive fear of lightning. In psychiatry, it is related to the fear of strong and superior forces, and as such it appears to stem from fear of a father and/or of castration.
ceraunophone, keraunophone, keraunophonic:
1. An instrument that makes a record of occurrences of thunder through a telephone receiver.
2. In meteorology, an apparatus, essentially a radio receiver, for audibly demonstrating the occurrence of distant lightning flashes [Webster's New Unabridged International Dictionary, 2nd Ed. (1952)].
An apparatus used by the ancients in their ancient mysteries to imitate thunder and lightning [as defined by Webster's New Unabridged International Dictionary, 2nd Ed. (1952) and The Oxford English Dictionary, based on an 1827 reference].
ceraunoscopia, keraunoscopia:
Another form of divination involving the interpretation of thunder.
1. Fortunetelling by observing and making interpretations of lightning.
2. Ancient system of divination practiced by examining the phenomena of lightning and thunder.
A term for traumatic neuroses associated with electric shocks.