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clino-, clin-, -clinal, -cline (New Latin: an ecological term; in the sense of a slope or gradient).

This clino- refers especially to a group within a population of one species that shows differing characters reflecting a geographic or ecological situation.

A character gradient; continuous variation in the expression of a character through a series of contiguous populations; clinal.
A deme that forms part of a graded sequence of demes distributed over a given geographical area. A deme is a local interbreeding group; also used loosely to refer to any local group of individuals of a given species.
A directed reaction or orientation response of a motile organism to a gradient of stimulation; also clinotactic.
An orientation response to a gradient of stimulation; also clinotropic.
1. Reflecting ecological conditions in general.
2. A more or less continuous character variation in a sequence of populations distributed along an ecological gradient, with each population exhibiting local adaptation to its particular segment of the gradient.
3. The differences in community structure resulting from changes in slope aspect around a mountain or ridge.
A gradual change of character across a geographical region due to gene flow.
One reflecting geographical rather than ecological conditions.
A hybrid cline or one composed of interspecific hybrids.
A horizonal temperature discontinuity layer in a lake in which the temperature falls by at least one degree Centigrade per meter depth.
2. A boundary layer in the sea in which the temperature changes sharply with depth.
A geocline extending over an unusually long distance.