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drama- (Greek > Late Latin: to do, to accomplish).

A dramatized film (usually for television) which is based on a semi-fictional interpretation of real events; a documentary drama.
1. Original meaning is "deed, act, action represented on the stage" from Greek, dran, "to do, to accomplish".
2. A play in prose or verse, especially one recounting a serious story.
3. Dramatic art of a particular kind or period; such as, a Shakespearean drama.
4. A real-life situation or succession of events having the dramatic progression or emotional content typical of a play.
1. Of or relating to drama or the theater.
2. Striking (immediately or vividly impressive), as in appearance or effect.
dramatis personae:
1. The characters in a play or story.
2. A list of the characters in a play or story.
A writer of plays; a playwright.
The action of dramatizing; conversion into drama; a dramatized version.
1. To make into a drama; that is, to adapt for presentation as a drama.
2. To present or regard in a dramatic or melodramatic way.
A dramatist; a maker of plays; a playwright.
Pertaining to dramaturgy; dramatic, histrionic, theatrical.
A composer of a drama; a playwright.
The art of the theater.
A dramatic piece for two performers only.
Of a dramatic nature or character in connection with a circus; probably based on the idea that a circus takes place in what is known as a "hippodrome" where horses run or perform.
A dramatic presentation marked by heavy use of suspense, sensational episodes, romantic sentiment, and a conventionally happy ending.
1. Having the excitement and emotional appeal of melodrama.
2. Highly emotional or sentimental; histrionic (excessively dramatic or emotional).
A dramatic piece for a single performer. Now especially an opera for one singer.
A form of psychotherapy in which a patient acts or performs extempore with or in front of fellow patients and therapists in a way that dramatizes the patient&$146;s problems or difficulties; an extempore psychotherapeutic play of this kind.
An improvised play acted by or for those involved in a situation of social tension in order to portray different perceptions of the same situation and represent objectively what each experiences in his or her role; a form of psychiatric treatment based on this type of play.
A drama in which the actors are gods.
undramatic, undramatical, undramatically:
1. Lacking the essential qualities of drama.
2. Not gifted with or exhibiting dramatic power; not adapted for the production of drama.