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frater-, frat- (Latin: brother [family member]).

A confraternity empowered to aggregate or affiliate other confraternities of the same nature, and to impart to them its indulgences and privileges.
A member of a brotherhood.
1. A group of people united in a common profession or for some purpose, often a group of Christians who have joined together to perform charitable acts.
2. A brotherhood; an association of men united for some purpose or in some common profession; a guild; especially, a brotherhood devoted to some particular service that is religious or charitable.
Fraternization together, recognition of each other as brethern.
fraternal, fraternalism, fraternally:
1. Existing between brothers or felt by one brother for another; brotherly.
2. Relating to or organized as a fraternity (organization of males).
3. Used to describe twins that have developed from two separate ova, rather than a single ovum.
1. A social society for men who are students at a college or university, with a name consisting of individually pronounced Greek letter.
2. A group of people with something in common, e.g., being in the same job or sharing the same pastime.
3. Brotherly love, or feelings of friendship and mutual support between people.
fraternize, fraternization, fraternizer:
1. To spend time with other people socially, especially people with whom you should not be friendly [those considered to be "enemies"].
2. To enter into a sexual relationship with a person of a different rank against military regulations.
fratricide, fratricidal:
1. The crime in which someone kills his or her own brother.
2. A reference to the person who kills his/her own brother.
fratry, fratery:
By some modern writers. it is used as the name of a room in monastic establishments supposed to have served as the common-room of the "brethern".
Existing or carried on between brothers.
An absence of fraternization.