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frigo-, frig- (Latin: cold, frost).

frigid, frigidity, frigidly, frigidness:
1. Very cold, with a very cold temperature.
2. Sexually unresponsive.
3. Lacking emotional warmth; without or behaving without warmth, friendliness, or enthusiasm.
Tundra; the open communities of cold arctic or alpine regions.
1. Capable of being destroyed by low temperatures.
2. Easily affected or injured by cold.
frigophile, frigophilic, frigophily:
1. Thriving in cold environments.
2. Preferring or having a fondness for cold places.
A power rating used in refrigeration, equivalent to the extraction of 1 000 calories per hour.
Producing, or generating, extreme cold.
An instrument designed specifically for the measurement of low temperatures.
Very poor blood circulation caused by long exposure to cold.
Incapable of being destroyed by low temperatures.
Resistant to cold or low temperatures.
The use of cold in treatment of diseases.
frisson (singular), frissons (plural):
1. A shudder or shiver, as of excitement, fear, or pleasure.
2. A brief intense reaction, usually a feeling of excitement, recognition, or terror, accompanied by a physical shudder or thrill.
3. This word comes from the Late 18th century via French, literally "shiver," from Latin frigere "to be cold". Its relationship to cold, frigere, is based on the fact that when people are cold, they usually shiver.
1. Cooling or freezing.
2. In medicine, reducing fever.
1. To cool or chill (a substance).
2. To preserve (food) by chilling.
A cabinet or room for storing substances, as food, at a low temperature.