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funct-, fungi- (Latin: to perform, execute, discharge; performance, service, execution).

1. No longer in existence; having ceased its functions; dead, extinct.
2. No longer operative, valid, or functional.
Of or pertaining to defunction or dying. Also, becoming defunct; dying.
A medical abnormality in the functioning of an organ or other part or system of the body.
1. Failing to perform the function that is normally expected.
2. Unable to function emotionally as a social unit.
3. In medicine, unable to function normally as a result of disease or impairment.
1. An action or use for which something is suited or designed.
2. An activity or role assigned to someone or something.
3. A social gathering or ceremony, especially a formal or official occasion.
4. A quality or characteristic that depends upon and varies with another.
1. Having a practical application or serving a useful purpose.
2. In good working order or working at the moment.
3. Without apparent organic or structural cause.
functional illiterate:
Someone whose reading and writing abilities are inadequately developed to meet everyday needs.
1. Belief that the intended function of something should determine its design, construction, and choice of materials, or a 20th-century design movement based on this.
2. Any philosophy or system that gives practical and utilitarian concerns priority over esthetic concerns.
functional literacy:
The level of skill in reading and writing that an individual needs to cope with everyday adult life.
Someone who performs official duties; especially, a person whose duties are regarded as trivial.
Someone or something that performs a function.
1. Capable of being interchanged.
2. A description of commodities that can be traded or substituted for an equal amount of like commodity, usually to satisfy a contract.
hyperfunction, hyperfunctional:
In medicine, over-activity or over-production (in a gland or other part of the body).
hypofunction, hypofunctional:
In medicine, diminished or insufficient activity or production (in a gland or other part of the body).
malfunction, malfunctioning:
Faulty functioning.
multifunction, multifunctional:
Having or fulfilling many functions.
perfunctory, perfunctorily, perfunctoriness:
1. Done as a matter of duty or custom, without thought, attention, or genuine feeling.
2. Done hastily or superficially.
Primarily in medicine, to exhibit underfunction; to have a diminished capacity for acting and responding.