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hapto-, hapt-, -hapte (Greek: touch, fasten, contact, seizure; binding, attaching).

Having pain when touched (painful to the touch).
In immunology, a small molecule, having at least one of the determinant groups of an antigen, that can combine with an antibody but is not immunogenic unless it acts in conjunction with a carrier molecule.
An irrational fear, or hatred, of being touched or of making physical contact. Also haphephobia.
In botany, a dislike holdfast; an organ that attaches the stem of various aquatic plants or marine algae to the substrate.
1. Tactile; of, pertaining to, or relating to the sense of touch or tactile sensations.
2. Having a greater dependence on sensations of touch than on sight, especially as a means of psychological orientation.
1. The studies of the properties of touch, including particularly the hand.
2. The science of touch, or the sense of contact.
3. The study of touch and tactile sensations, especially as a means of communication.
4. The science of touch, pertaining not only to passively perceived cutaneous sensations of touch and pressure, but including also the active component of exploration via these senses.
Those aquatic organisms that live closely applied to, or growing on, submerged surfaces.
An unpleasant sensation derived from touching certain objects.
An instrument for measuring sensitivity to touch.
haptonastic, haptonasty:
A reference to growth movement of a plant in response to a touch or contact stimulus.
An excessive fear or hatred of being touched.
1. In psychology, a delusion in which an individual hears voices or other noises emanating from a part of his body, usually as the result of a physical sensation or touch.
2. The hearing of noises or voices in response to tactile or haptic stimulation.
haptotropism, haptotropic:
1. An orientation response to a touch or contact stimulus.
2. The phenomenon whereby plant organs, as the tendrils of climbing plants, exhibit tropic movements in response to the stimulus of touch.
An esthesiometer for applying several stimuli to the skin at different distances and frequencies.