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hernio-, herni- (Latin: protruded viscus; rupture; in the sense of "protrusion of tissue or part of an organ through an abnormal opening in the surrounding walls").

hernia, hernial:
A condition in which part of an internal organ projects abnormally through the wall of the cavity that contains it, especially the projection of the intestine from the abdominal cavity. It may be present at birth, especially in the region of the navel, or caused by muscular strain or injury, or result from a congenital weakness in the cavity wall.
To project through an abnormal opening in the wall of a body cavity, or through a normal or potential opening that has become abnormally enlarged.
Resembling hernia.
Laparotomy (surgical incision through the flank) for the treatment of hernia.
Surgical puncture of a hernia.
herniorrhaphy, hernioplasty:
The surgical repair of an abnormal opening in the wall of a body cavity.
A surgical operation for the repair of hernia; also called celotomy and kelotomy.