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lard (Greek: fat > Latin: [lardum] bacon).

1. White, slightly soft, rendered pork used in cooking and baking and as a base in some ointments and perfumes.
2. The purified internal fat of the abdomen of the hog.
3. Also, adeps [denoting fat or adipose tissue; the rendered fat of swine; lard, used in the preparation of ointments].
lardaceous, lardeous, lardiform:
1. Resembling lard; waxy, fatty.
2. Containing lardacein.
1. A cool place, especially a small room or large cupboard, used for storing food; a supply of food.
2. A room or closet in which meat and other provisions are stored.
3. Originally thought to be a place where bacon was stored.
Full of or containing lard; fat.
lardon, lardoon:
One of the pieces of bacon or pork which are inserted in meat in the process of larding.