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lax- (Latin: loose; slack).

To loosen; to widen.
lax, laxness:
1. Not strict or careful enough.
2. Not tight or tense.
To loosen.
1. The action of making something loose, or the process of becoming loose.
2. Defecation.
1. Loosening; mildly purgative.
2. A drug or other substance that promotes bowel movements, either by irritating the lower colon or by bulking the feces.
3. Mildly cathartic.
4. An agent that acts to promote evacuation of the bowel.
1. A condition or fact of not being strict or careful enough.
2. Looseness; slackness, lacking in tension (in the muscular or nervous fibers, etc.).
3. Looseness of texture or cohesion; openness, uncompact structure or arrangement.
4. Looseness or slackness in the moral and intellectual spheres; lack of firmness, strictness, or precision.
5. Slackness or displacement (whether normal or abnormal) in the motion of a joint.
1. To spend time resting or doing things for pleasure, especially in contrast to or as a relief from the effort and stress of everyday life.
2. To become, or make someone or something, less anxious, hostile, defensive, or formal.
3. To slacken something that is tensed or tight, e.g. a muscle or a grip on something, or to become looser, less tense, or less tight.
1. A drug that reduces tension and strain, particularly in muscles.
2. Causing something such as a muscle to become less tense.
1. A form of activity that provides a change and relief from effort, work, or tension, and that gives pleasure.
2. The process of becoming or of making something less firm, rigid, or tight.
1. Under no strain or tension, and not exerting much strain or force on anything else.
2. Feeling no anxiety, tension, pressure, or sense of threat.
3. Loose-fitting and easy to wear.