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lemmo-, lemm-, lemma- (Greek: sheath, husk).

A reference to a nerve fiber lacking a neurolemma.
The connective tissue sheath of nerve fibers near their termination.
The capsule of a gland.
The lower of two bracts surrounding the flower of a grass.
A cell that becomes a neurilemma cell.
A delicate membranous sheath enveloping each fibril of muscular tissue.
neurilemma, neurilemmal, neurolemma:
In the peripheral nervous system, the cytoplasm and nuclei of Schwann cells wrapped around the myelin sheath or the unmyelinated processes of nerve fibers. This contributes to regeneration of damaged nerve fibers by producing growth factors and serving as a tunnel or guide for regrowth.
Inflammation of a neurilemma.
neurilemmoma, neurilemoma, neurinoma:
A firm, encapsulated fibrillar tumor of a peripheral nerve.
A malignant neurilemona.
Plasma membrane of the oocyte.
plasmalemma, plasmalemmal, plasmolemma:
The thin membrane immediately surrounding the cytoplasm of a cell that restricts the passage of molecules into it.
sarcolemma, sarcolemmal:
1. The plasma membrane of a muscle fiber; formerly, the delicate connective tissue of the endomysium was included under this term by some.
2. The fine transparent tubular sheath investing muscular fiber.