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lemma- [singular], lemmata- [plural] (Greek > Latin: to take [something for granted]).

A scale, found on some sundials and globes, that is shaped like a figure eight and marked to indicate the declinatin of the sun and to allow the calculation of apparent solar time. Originally from Greek "to take; to take up, support."
1. A situation in which someone must choose one of two unsatisfactory alternatives.
2. In logic, a form of reasoning that, though valid, leads to two undesirable alternatives.
1. A proposition that is assumed to be true in order to test the validity of another proposition.
2. An assumption taken for granted; something received; assumption; premise.
3. A heading that indicates the topic of a work or passage.
4. In publications, a term that is defined in a glossary; the heading or theme of a scholium, annotation, or gloss.
5. In mathematics, a proposition assumed or demonstrated that is subsidiary to some other proposition.
6. The argument or subject of a literary composition, prefixed as a heading or title; also, a motto appended to a picture, etc.
lemmatize, lemmatized:
To sort (words as they occur in a text) so as to group together those that are inflected or variant forms of the same word.
An argument analogous to a dilemma, involving five alternatives.
A complex syllogism resembling a dilemma but involving several alternatives.
In logic, a position presenting four alternatives.
1. A situation, or (in Logic) a syllogism, of the nature of a dilemma, but involving three alternatives instead of two.
2. A situation offering three undesirable options.