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libr-, libel (Latin: book; originally, the "inner bark of a tree", whence "the text written on this", "collection of leaves for writing", and finally "book").

From the library of the person whose name follows [Literally, "from the books (of)," in reference to the owner's library].
libel, libelous:
Through French from Latin, libellus "little book", diminutive of liber. Originally "written declaration", later "something setting out the grounds for a lawsuit". 1. In law, a false and malicious published statement that damages someone's reputation. Libel can include pictures and any other representations that have public or permanent form; defamation.
2. The making of false and damaging statements about somebody; attacking somone's reputation; to malign.
Someone who works in or is in charge of a library. Literally, "of books". Also, "scribe, someone concerned with books".

A shelf full of books

1. The room, building, or institution where a collection of books or other research materials is kept.
2. A collection of books, newspapers, records, tapes, or other materials that are valuable for research. [From Latin, libraria, "bookshop", literally, "of books", from, ultimately, liber, "book" (literally "inner bark of a tree", which was once used as writing material)].
The words of a dramatic musical work such as an opera including both the spoken and the parts that are sung. From Italian, literally "little book" from libro, "book", from Latin liber.