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luco-, luc-, luci-, lux, -lucence, -lucent (Latin: light, shine).

To work by candle-light before day light.
Bright on every side.
That which gives out light.
To make clear; especially, something hard to understand; to explain.
elucidation, elucidative:
The act of explaining or clarifying; throwing light upon; making plain or intelligible.
illucidate, illucidation:
To shed light upon; to make clear, clear up; elucidate.
1. Giving off light; shining.
2. Translucent or clear.
3. Shining with a glowing light.
lucicolus, lucicole:
Living in open habitats with ample light.
1. In poetry, bright, shining.
2. Transparent.
3. Clear to the mind or readily understood.
4. Clear headed, rational.
5. A reference to an interval of sanity in a mental disorder.
lucidity, lucidness:
The quality or condition of being lucid; brightness, luminosity; now chiefly figuratively, intellectual clearness; transparency of thought or expression.
Brightly, clearly.
1. The morning star; the planet Venus when she appears in the sky before sunrise.
2. The rebel archangel whose fall from heaven was supposed to be referred to in Isaiah xiv. 12 (in the Old Testament Bible); Satan, the Devil.
3. Literally, "light-bearing".
An enzyme that aids the oxidation of luciferin in the cells of organisms that emit light.
A substance found in the cells of bioluminescent organisms, e.g. glowworms and fireflies, that on oxidation emits bluish-green light with very little heat.
luciferous, luciferousness:
1. Light-producing; bioluminescent.
2. That which brings, conveys, or emits light.
3. Affording illumination or insight; luminous, illuminating.
4. Bringing or emitting light.
1. Having the character of light, luminous; applied specifically to the "vehicle" of the soul that was imagined by the Neo-Platonists.
2. Sometimes a reference to the spiritual body of the Resurrection.
lucifugal, lucifugous:
1. Intolerant of light.
2. Shunning light.
1. An instrument for measuring the intensity of light; a photometer.
2. A sunshine recorder designed to measure the combined effect of the duration and intensity of sunshine in promoting evaporation.
luciphilous, luciphile, luciphily:
Thriving in open, well-lighted habitats.
A proprietary name for a solid, transparent plastic that is made from a resin.
The treatment of certain diseases by exposure to light; especially, by varieties of concentrated light rays or specific wavelengths. Also phototherapy.
A unit of illumination, equal to one lumen per square meter.
Any of a genus, Noctiluca, of large, sherical, reddish, luminescent protozoa that occur in vast numbers in the sea, causing parts of it to appear luminous at night.
Designating or of a luminous cloud of unknown composition, visible at night in the polar regions at an altitude of around 50 miles.
omnilocence, omnilocent:
Shining on everything or everywhere.
pellucid, pellucidness, pelucidity:
1. Transparent or translucent; clear.
2. Easy to understand; clear and simple in style; such as, a pellucid explanation.
Transparent to X-rays.
relucent, relucence:
1. Reflecting light; bright.
2. Casting back light; shining, gleaming, bright, refulgent.
translucence, translucency:
The action or fact of shining through.
Letting light pass through but diffusing it so that objects on the other side cannot be clearly distinguished; partially transparent, as frosted glass; semi-transparent.