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macul-, maculat- (Latin: spot, mark, stain, blot, blemish, mesh).

The original meaning of macula seems to have been, "a soiled spot, a spot to be cleaned".
macula, plural; maculae, singular :
A small spot or colored area.
macular degeneration:
Degeneration of the macular area of the retina of the eye, an area important in the visualization of fine details. This condition, the leading cause of visual impairment in persons over age 50, can lead to loss of central vision, making it difficult to read or do fine work, auch as threading a needle.
maculate(d): Spotted, as with macules.

Discolored spot or patch on the skin, neither elevated nor depressed, of various colors, sizes, and shapes.
An eruption consisting of both macules and papules.
Retinal pathology involving the macula of the eye.