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mecono-, mecon- (Greek > Latin: [mekonion > meconium] of or pertaining to the poppy, poppy, poppy-juice; opium).

A reference to an acid found in opium.
1. Poppy juice.
2. Opium.
3. In medicine, a dark green mucilaginous material in the intestine of the full term fetus, being a mixture of the secretions of the intestinal glands and some amniotic fluid.
4. The dark greenish feces that have collected in the intestines of an unborn baby and are released shortly after birth [from "poppy juice", hence "newborn baby's feces" because of the similarity in color]
5. In biology, waste products of a pupa or other embryonic form.
6. In biology, contents of the intestine of a new-born mammal.
1. A treatise on the poppy or opium.
2. The study of poppies and opium.
Eating opium.
An opium eater or one who eats opium.
In botany, a plant that is similar in appearance to the poppy.