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mend- (Latin: defect, blemish).

1. To free (a person) from faults, correct, reform, turn from wrong, convert.
2. To reform oneself, abandon one's faults or evil ways.
3. In law, to correct (an error committed in a legal process), or rectify (a legal document).
4. To repair or make good (what is broken or damaged).
5. The change from e- to a- took place very early, being found in Old French and Middle English.
Intended or serving to correct or improve something.
1. The action of amending, whether in process, or as completed.
2. The removal of a fault; to make a correction or reformation.
3. In a Public Meeting: A proposed alteration in the terms of a resolution submitted to a meeting for adoption; extended to a resolution proposed instead of or in opposition to another; a countermotion.
That which can be amended, corrected, bettered, repaired, or make amends for.
1. Reparation, retribution, restitution, compensation, satisfaction; especially in the phrase, to make amends.
2. Something done or given as compensation for a wrong or sometimes even a perceived wrong.
1. To free (a thing) from faults, correct (what is faulty), rectify.
2. To remove errors from (the text of a book or document).
3. To make corrections or alteration to improve a text.
Improvement by alteration and correction; especially of literary or artistic products, methods of procedure, scientific systems, etc.; a particular instance of such improvement.
1. To free (a person, his character or habits) from sin or fault; to improve morally; to reform; occasionally, to cure of (a fault).
2. To remove the defects of (a thing); to correct (what is faulty); to improve by correction or alteration.