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micto-, -mict- (Greek: mix, mixed; thrown together, blended).

1. A reference to a lake that has no period of overturn because it is perennially frozen.
2. Pertaining to females that produce unfertilized eggs that develop into offspring of just one sex.
Used for a lake that has two seasonal overturn periods of free circulation, with accompanying disruption of the thermocline.
A reference to a lake that has complete free circulation throughout the water column at the time of winter cooling.
A description of a lake that is permanently stratified due to the presence of a density gradient (pycnocline) resulting from chemical stratification.
Pertaining to patterns of water circulation in a lake.
A reference to a lake having a single period of free circulation or overturn per year, with consequent disruption of the thermocline; it may be either cold monomictic or warm monomictic.
Referring to a lake having no persistent thermal stratification, that is continually circulating with only brief periods of stability.