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monstr-, monst- (Latin: an omen; a supernatural manifestation; hence, "horrific-supernatural being; supernatural manifestation"); monstrum, an evil omen, portent, monster; literally, "that which serves as a warning", "to show, point out, indicate".

Primarily used in medical references to a fetus or an infant with substantial physical abnormalities considered by some to be like a "monster".

1. Any large, ugly, terrifying animal or person found in mythology or created by the imagination, especially something fierce that kills people. Monsters are often featured in folklore and fairytales as evil creatures resembling a mixture of different animals.
2. In medicine, a fetus or infant with such pronounced developmental anomalies as to be grotesque and usually nonviable.

"Regardless of the form a monster takes, all monsters have one thing in common: they are all awe-inspiring, even frightening, by virtue of some aspect of their physicality or personality. In fact, the word monster comes from the Latin monstrum, meaning 'an evil omen' which in turn seems to be a derivative of the verb monere, meaning 'to warn, remind'."

Webster's Word Histories;
(Springfield, Massachusetts: Merriam-Webster Inc., 1989).

In the Roman Catholic Church, a receptacle that holds the Host (the consecrated bread or wafer of the Eucharist or Communion for the Mass) [Latin: monstrum, "portent, monster" from monstrare, "to show, point out, indicate"].
In medicine, destruction of a fetal monster.
1. In medicine, great congenital deformity; a monster or teratism.
2. An object, animal, or person that is very unpleasant or frightening to look at, often because it is large and strangely shaped.
1. Enormous; horrible.
2. Wicked, cruel, or unpleasant to an extent that is morally unacceptable.
3. Greatly different from what is considered the norm.
The quality of being monstrous, in various senses of the adjective; especially, unnaturalness, hugeness; enormity.
Something done in a way or to an extent that shocks or offends other people.
monstrum (singular), monstra (plural):
In medicine, a monster.
Consisting of many monstrosities.