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nata- (Latin: to swim, swimming; floating).

Swimming around.
contranatant, contranatation:
1. Swimming, moving, or migrating against the current.
2. A reference to the migrations of fish swimming against the current.
denatant, denatation:
1. Swimming, moving, or migrating with the current.
2. A reference to fish swimming with the current.
enatant, enatation:
Floating up, coming to the surface.
Swimming or floating in or upon some liquid.
natant, natation, natatorial:
1. The act or art of swimming or floating on water.
2. Adapted for swimming.
A swimmer.
natatorium (singular), natatoria (plural):
A swimming pool (or pools), particularly an indoor facility (or facilities).
Swimmilng; characterized by swimming.
1. Swimming above, floating on the surface (as a lighter liquid on a heavier).
2. A reference to that part of a floating body that is above the surface.