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nebula-, nebul- (Latin: mist, fog, cloud, smoke).

Surrounded by clouds.
1. A cloudlike patch in the sky.
2. A region or cloud of interstellar dust and gas appearing variously as a hazy bright or dark patch.
3. A faint cloudy area or scar on the cornea of the eye.
4. Cloudiness in the urine.
5. Liquid prepared for use in any kind of atomizing sprayer; especially, a nebulizer.
To become cloudy or turbid.
Clouded, dimmed.
A cloud; a mist or fog.
Name of an unidentified chemical element.
nebulize, nebulizing, nebulized, nebulizes:
To reduce a liquid to a fine spray for medical use; to vaporize.
Spraying or vaporization.
1. A device, with a face mask attached, for administering a medicinal liquid in the form of a fine spray that is breathed in through the mouth and/or nose.
2. A device used to reduce liquid medication to extremely fine cloudlike particles; useful in delivering medication to deeper parts of the respiratory tract.
1. Resembling a cloud or mist; inclined to be foggy or misty.
2. Cloudy, misty, indistinct.
3. Clouded; cloud-like in appearance.
1. Nebulous or having an indistinctly luminous appearance; a faintly luminous patch or mass.
2. Nebulous state or form; matter in a nebulous condition.
3. Cloudiness; indistinctness.
1. Not clear, distinct, or definite; vague.
2. Clouded, cloudy, misty; resembling a cloud or clouds.
3. Hazy, vague, indistinct, formless.
4. In astronomy, a small cluster of indistinct stars, or a star that is surrounded by a luminous haze.
5. Resembling a nebula.
The condition of being nebulous; cloudiness, mistiness.