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nepot-, nepo- (Latin: nephew; grandson, grandchild; descendant [family member]; nepotism, et al.).

Said to be used in the Middle Ages by Catholic popes to show favoritism to their illegitimate children for positions of power. The use of  "nephew" was a euphemism for their "out-of-wedlock" offspring.

Of the nature of, belonging to or pertaining to, a nephew or nephews.
1. Inclined to, of the nature of, nepotism.
2. Holding the position of a nephew.
Excessively fond of one's nephews.
1. Favoritism shown to relatives, especially in appointments to desirable [good-paying] positions.
2. The practice, on the part of the Popes or other ecclesiastics (and hence of other persons), of showing special favor to nephews or other relatives in conferring offices; unfair preference for nephews or relatives instead of others who are better qualified for the positions.
One who practices nepotism or one who gives his relatives good jobs, or positions, usually only because they are relatives and not for their skills or merits.