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nocti-, noct-, nox (Latin: night).

1. A reference to a state of equal day and night.
2. The period or point of the equinox.
3. The celestial equator: so called because, when the sun is on it, the nights and days are of equal length in all parts of the world.
Equinox; (the original form in which the word was adopted).
Either of the two annual crossings of the equator by the sun, once in each direction, when the length of day and night are approximately equal everywhere on earth. The equinoxes occur around March 21 and September 23.
The presence of excessive amounts of albumin in the urine secreted during the night.
Walking at night while asleep; somnambulism.

This definition applies to all of the following: noctambulant, noctambulate, noctambulator, noctambulatory, noctambulic, noctambulism, noctambulous, and noctambulist (a reference to the person who is the sleep walker).

Consisting of a night and a day.
noctifer, noctiferous:
A bringer of night or darkness; the evening star.
1. A plankton that produces light. When present in large groups, they make the sea appear to glow. Of the genus, Noctiluca.
2. Any marine animalcule that produces a phosphorescent appearance in the sea.
The light-giving substance in phosphorescent animalcules.
1. A reference to bioluminescent organisms that emit light during darkness.
2. Shining by night; as with a noctilucent cloud, a cloud of a kind that occasionally is seen at night in the summer in high latitudes, which occurs in the mesopause (atmosphere) and which some authorities believe is composed purely of cosmic dust and others of ice condensed around cosmic dust particles.
The light-giving substance in phosphorescent animalcules.
Shining at night, phosphorescent.
noctimania, noctomania:
An intense fascination with night as opposed to daylight.
noctiphobia, noctophobia:
An irrational fear of night and darkness which may be related to a fear of the unknown or that which can not be seen.
noctiphobic, noctophobic:
Someone who has an irrational fear of night and its silence and darkness or of what might happen at night.
An excessive urination at night, possibly due to excessive fluid intake before going to bed, prostatic disease, urinary tract infection, or impaired renal function that results in excretion of urine with a low specific gravity; also nycturia.
A reference to night-flying insects; as opposed to diurnae or daylight-flying insects.
1. Of or pertaining to the night; done, held, or occurring by night.
2. Active during the hours of darkness or lasting only one night as opposed to diurnal (daylight).
3. Used to describe animals that are active at night rather than during the day.
4. An astronomical instrument adapted for taking observations by which one may ascertain the hour of the night, etc
A reference to night; used primarily in poetry.
The action of passing or spending the night; especially, in ecclesiastical use, spending the night in prayer; an all-night vigil.
Something that is accomplished in half a night.
Belonging to or lasting three nights.