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odium, odious (Latin: hatred, hateful, hate; bitterness; disgusting; offensive; opprobrium; annoyance).

Odium is a part of several Latin phrases with the central idea of "hate", "bitterness", or "offense":

odium aestheticum:
The bitter rivalry among artists and writers.
odium medicum:
The bitter rivalry among physicians of one speciality as opposed to another field of treatment or medical controversies that result in hatred.
odium musicum:
The hatred of (rival) musicians; the bitterness of musical styles.
odium scholasticum:
The spitefulness and hatreds resulting from scholarly disputes.
odium theologicum:
A mutual antagonism (sometimes hatred?) among theologians as a result of acrimony based on differences in doctrinal interpretations or other religious differences. Many odium theologicum animosities have resulted in bloody-religious wars over the centuries; some of which continue to this day.