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-ose (-iose), -osic, -osity, -osely (Greek: a suffix; sweet wine).

A suffix that forms nouns meaning a carbohydrate, especially sugar; such as, cellulose, fructose, glycose, lactose, sorbose; a primary product of hydrolysis; such as, aplose, caseose, and proteose.

The most abundant polysaccharide in nature , a rigid, colorless, unbranched, insoluble, long chain polymer forming the skeleton of most plant structures and of plant cells.
1. A chemical name occurring in honey and many sweet fruits and a component of many di- and polysaccharides that are obtainable by inversion of aqueous solutions of sucrose and subsequent separation of fructose from glucose.
2. The official preparation, administered intravenously in solution as a fluid and nutrient replenisher.
A white crystalline sugar found in certain plant gums and mucilages and one of the principal constituents of lactose, which is the main sugar of milk.
1. A simple sugar produced in plants by photosynthesis and in animals by the conversion of carbohydrates, proteins, and fats. The commonest form, dextrose, is used by all living organisms.
2. A syrup containing dextrose, maltose, dexrin, and water that is obtained from starch and used in food manufacture and in alcoholic fermentation.
1. A sugar found in milk that breaks down into glucose and galactose and creates lactic acid through fermentation.
2. A white crystalline form of lactose extracted from whey and used commercially in food products and pharmaceuticals.
A monosaccharide containing five carbon atoms in a molecule.
A water-soluble protein derivative formed during hydrolytic processes such as digestion that does not coagulate when heated and precipitates if mixed with certain sulfur-containing compounds.
A whitish crystalline sugar that is an isomer of fructose and a fermentation product of sorbitol*, used in the preparation of vitamin C. *Sorbitol is a white crystalline sweet alcohol extracted from the berries of the mountain ash tree, or manufactured synthetically, and used as a sweetener and in cosmetics, toiletries, and pharamaceuticals.