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papyro-, papyr- (Greek: papyrus [singular], papyri [plural]; paper, papyros > Latin > Old French; papyrus, an Egyptian rush [a reed plant] from which material was made for writing or drawing. Used in the sense of "fibrous material on which to write or draw").

Of the consistence or thinness of paper; of the nature of paper; made of or resembling paper; papery.
Made or consisting of paper.
papyr, papyre:
Obsolete English forms of paper.
Pertaining to or composed of papyrus.
1. Producing or yielding papyrus.
2. Producing or yielding paper, or a substance resembling or serving as paper.
The same as parchment paper or vegetable parchment.
1. Made of papyrus.
2. Resembling paper.
Government by paper, i.e. by newspapers or literature.
papyrograph, papyrographic:
An instrument for multiplying copies of writings.
A writer on papyrus.
Pertaining to or dealing with papyrology.
A student of papyrology.
The study of papyri, including ancient papyrus manuscripts.
The dread or excessive fear of paper.
A seller of paper.
1. An aquatic plant of the sedge family, the paper reed or paper rush (Cyperus Papyrus or Papyrus antiquorum), with a creeping rootstock which sends up stems from eight to ten feet high, bearing spikelets of flowers, resembling umbrellas, on long stalks in a large cluster at the top; formerly abundant in Egypt, and the source of the writing material used by the ancients.
2. A substance prepared, in the form of thin sheets, from the stem of the papyrus plant, by laying thin slices or strips of it side by side, with another layer of similar strips crossing them, and usually a third layer again parallel to the first, the whole being then soaked in water, pressed together, and dried; used by the ancient Egyptians, Greeks, Romans, etc., as a material for writing on.
3. An ancient manuscript or document written on papyrus (singular) or papyri (plural).