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parvo-, parvi- (Latin: [parvus] small, little; minute, minuscule).

multum in parvo:
A great deal in a small compass (compact). Applied to articles of small bulk but of great comprehensiveness.
Having small leaves.
Having little power.
parvipsoas, parvipsoatic:
Small psoas (lumbar) muscle.
Having a slender beak.
Knowing little; having little knowledge.
parvitude, parvity:
Smallness, very little.
Any of a group of very small animal viruses consisting of single-stranded DNA in an icosahedral capsid without an envelope and occurring in a wide variety of vertebrates.
In pharmacology, a very small pill, pellet, or granule.
parvum opus:
Small work as opposed to magnum opus.
Little things contribute to perfection, and perfection is not a little thing.

John Rayoa

Latin Mottoes or Proverbs

Parva componere magnis. To compare small things with great.

Parva componere magna. To compare great things with small.

Parva contemnimus. We despise small things.

Parva seges satis est. A small harvest is enough.

Parvis e glandibus quercus. Great things have small beginnings.

Parvum parva decent. Small things befit the humble person.