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pecca-, pecc- (Latin: err, sin, commit a crime).

impeccable, impeccability, impecably:
1. So perfect or flawless as to be beyond criticism.
2. So perfect in character as to be incapable of sinning.
peccable, peccability:
1. Capable of sinning; liable to sin.
2. Sinful, wrongful.
peccadillo (singular), peccadillos (plural):
1. A small or venial fault or sin; a trifling offence.
2. A petty crime or unimportant offense or fault.
Full of sins, sinful.
1. Moral faultiness, sinfulness.
2. A sin, offence, transgression.
1. The commitment of a fault or moral offence; sinning, offending.
2. Offending against or violating some rule or principle; faulty, incorrect.
3. Guilty of transgression; criminal; as, peccant angels.
The action of sinning; sin.
1. "I have sinned"; hence, an acknowledgement or confession of guilt.
2. An admission of sin or guilt.

During the period of British hegemony in India-Pakistan, there was some sort of uprising in the province of Sind that engendered a military response by British forces. When order was restored, the British general cabled the home office the one word: Peccavi. He apparently had no doubt that the message would be perfectly clear.