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pejor- (Latin: worse).

See meliorat- [better] for words with opposite meanings.

To make worse, deteriorate, worsen.
1. A worsening deterioration, or decline in quality, status, or value.
2. A change over time in the meaning of a word so that it becomes less favorable or more negative; for example, the English word "cunning" formerly meant "learned" but now it is used to mean "cleverly deceitful".
3. In linguistics, a change of meaning for the worse.
pejorative, pejoratively:
1. A word, expression, or affix that expresses criticism or disapproval.
2. Tending to make worse; depreciatory; applied especially to a derivative word in which the meaning of the root word is lowered by the addition of an affix; disparaging.
The belief that the world is becoming worse.
One who believes that the world is becoming worse.
The state or condition of being worse.