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phlego-, phleg-(Greek [phlegmatikos] & Latin [phlegmaticus]: heat, inflammation; burn, inflame).

Acute inflammation of a gland and the adjacent connective tissue.
apophlegmatism, apophlegmatic:
An obsolete term for the action of purging phlegm from the head.
Name of a fabled river of fire, one of the five rivers of Hades.
phlegethontal, phelgethontic:
Of or pertaining to Phlegethon; burning, fiery.
phlegm [pronounced: FLEM]: 1. Abnormal amounts of mucus, especially as expectorated (spit) from the mouth.
2. The thick mucus secreted by the walls of the respiratory passages, especially during a cold or flu.
3. One of the four humors of the body, according to the ancient Greek humoral doctrine.

A medicine for expelling phlegm.
Inflammation, especially when acute and severe; usually accompanied by fever.
1. Relating to the heaviest of the four ancient Greek humors; mucous.
2. Having a predominance of phlegm in the constitution or "temperament".
3. Having or showing the mental character or disposition formerly supposed to result from predominance of phlegm among the bodily humors; not easily excited to feeling or action; lacking enthusiasm; cold, dull, sluggish, apathetic; cool, calm, unexcitable, self-possessed.
A person of phlegmatic constitution.
Inflamed or much inflamed.
phlegmon, phlegmonous:
1. A spreading, diffuse inflammatory reaction to infection with microaerophilic streptococci, that forms a suppurative or gangrenous and undermining lesion that may extend into deep subcutaneous tissues and muscles, creating multiple small pockets of pus.
2. A solid, swollen, inflamed mass of pancreatic tissue occurring as a compilation of acute pancreatitis, which may subside spontaneously or become secondarily infected and develop into an abscess.
3. An inflammatory tumor, a boil or carbuncle; inflammation; especially, of the cellular tissue, tending to or producing suppuration (formation of pus); an acute local inflammation with marked redness and swelling.
1. Of the nature of or consisting of phlegm, mucous; containing or characterized by phlegm.
2. A reference to a mental disposition; phlegmatic.
A noninflammatory circumscribed redness of the skin.