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pisci-, pisc- (Latin: fish).

1. Fishing privileges in another's waters.
2. A place for fishing.
Fishing or the act of fishing.
The art or science of fishing.
piscator, piscatorial:
1. A fisherman; an angler.
2. Of fishes, fishermen, or fishing.
1. Of or pertaining to fishers or to fishing.
2. Employed in or addicted to fishing.
1. Of or pertaining to Pisces, the twelfth sign of the Zodiac.
2. Characteristic of a person born under Pisces.
1. The 12th (traditional) or the 1st (new reality) sign of the zodiac, represented by two fishes and lasting from approximately February 19 to March 20 (traditional dates) or March 12 to April 18 (new dates). Pisces is classified as a water sign and its ruling planets are Jupiter and Neptune.
2. In biology, fishes; group of vertebrates that includes all fishes in the broad sense.
pisces (plural), piscis (singular).

A fisherman.
A substance poisonous to fish; thus, killing fish (fish killer).
piscicolous, piscicole:
Living on or within fishes.
pisciculture, piscicultural:
The controlled breeding, hatching, and rearing of fish, especially for scientific or commercial purposes.
Someone who breeds and rears fish for scientific or commercial purposes.
A collective term for the native fishes (of any district or country); the fish-fauna.
Shaped like or otherwise resembling a fish.
piscina, piscinal [Via medieval Latin, literally "fish ponds"]: 1. In some Christian churches, a sacred container or basin that holds holy water, used to carry it away after ablutions have been completed.
2. The place where a priest can wash his hands and the sacred containers used in Mass, located in the sacristy, especially in a Roman Catholic church.

piscine, pisinity:
Relating to, characteristic of, or resembling fish.
Piscis Austrinus:
A small constellation of the southern hemisphere between Grus and Aquarius; also, Piscis Australis or the "Southern Fish".
piscivorous, piscivore, piscivory:
Feeding on fishes; feeding habitually or mainly on fish.