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pnigo-, pnig-, pnigmato-, pnigmat- (Greek: choke, stifle, smother).

Choking or strangulation.
pnigerophobia, pnigeraphobia:
1. A pathologic fear of being smothered.
2. An excessive fear of smothering or choking.

Some pnigeraphobics feel that their air supply will be cut off when they are in a closed, crowded space; such as, when they are in an elevator in which they dread that there may not be enough air for everyone to breathe. Such individuals may also abhor having their faces covered with blankets, masks for anesthesia, or anything that they perceive which might interfere with their breathing.

Death by choking; or choking to death.
1. Morbid fear of choking; sometimes experienced in angina pectoris.
2. An abnormal fear of choking as when asleep.