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puber-, pubo-, pub-, pubio- (Latin: adult, mature; sign of [sexual] maturity, especially the growth of pubic hair; extended to mean the "pubic bone").

The condition of not having reached the state or age of puberty.
os pubis:
Bone of the groin, pubic bone.
postpuberty, postpubertal:
After or subsequent to puberty; the period after puberty.
prepubertal, prepubertallly:
Prior to the attainment of puberty; before puberty.
prepuberty [pree PYOO buhr tee]: The period of life preceding puberty; especially, the two or three years immediately before puberty.

prepubescent [pree" pyoo BES uhns]: 1. At or characteristic of the stage of life just before puberty.
2. A child at the stage of development just before puberty.

Condition characterized by the development of a varying number of the somatic and functional changes typical of puberty; commonly caused by the hormonal secretions of a tumor and typically arises before the chronological age of puberty; precocious pseudopuberty.
Onset or the beginning of puberty, particularly as manifested by the appearance of pubic hair.
Someone who is at the onset of puberty or who is just starting puberty (functionally capable of reproduction).
Relating to puberty.
The failure in a man to develop a normal deep voice.
Covered with fine, downy hair, or lanugo (downy hair covering the body).
Of or pertaining to puberty.
1. The state or condition of having become functionally capable of procreating offspring, which is characterized by various symptoms in each sex, as by the appearance of hair on the pubes, and on the face in the male. In England the legal age of puberty is fourteen in boys and twelve in girls, but the actual time of development varies in different climates and environments and with different individuals or, in other words, ethnic and geographic factors may influence the time at which various events typical of puberty occur.
2. Of plants: The state or stage of bearing flowers or fruit.

Puberty is defined as a sequence of events by which a child becomes a young adult, characterized by the beginning of gametogenesis, secretion of gonadal hormones, and the development of secondary sexual characteristics and reproductive functions. In girls, the first signs of puberty may be evident at age eight with the process largely completed by age 16; in boys, puberty commonly begins at ages 10-12 and is largely completed by age 1
8. Ethnic and geographic factors often influence the time at which various events typical of puberty occur.

pubes (singular), pubis (plural):
1. The pubic region.
2. The pubic hair.
3. Bone of the groin, pubic bone.
1. The approach of the age of puberty or sexual maturity.
2. A covering of fine, soft hairs on the body.
1. Reaching puberty.
2. Covered with downy hair.
Relating to the os pubis (bone of the groin, pubic bone).
A plastic operation on the pubic region.
Severance of the pubic bone a few centimeters lateral to the symphysis, in order to increase the capacity of a contracted pelvis sufficiently to permit the passage of a living child.
Pertaining to the pubis and the capsule of the hip joint.
Belonging to the pubes and the femur.
The loss of pubic hair.
Relating to the pubic bone and the prostate.
Relating to the pubic bone and the rectum or to the puborectalis muscle.
Relating to the pubic bone and the bladder.
A slender band of longitudinal muscle fibers of the external stratum of the urinary bladder that lies under the medial part of the puboprostatic ligament and merges with the retropubic connective tissue.
Beneath the pubic arch denoting a ligament that connects the two pubic bones below the arch.
Above the pubic bone.
Relating to the bladder and the os pubis (bone of the groin).