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quasi- (Latin: as if, as it were, as though; somewhat like, resembling, seemingly).

1. In law, just as valid in law as if actual.
2. Resembling somebody or something in some ways, but not exactly the same.
3. This term is used in legal phraseology to indicate that one subject resembles another, with which it is compared, in certain characteristics, but that there are intrinsic and material differences between them.
quasijudicial, quasi-judicial: Used to describe decision-making powers that are similar to those of a court judge, or to describe any arbitrator or inquiry with such powers.

quasilegislative, quasi-legislative: Used to describe regulations that are not regarded as laws proper but have the force of law, or to describe bodies that have the right to make such regulations.

Quasi in rem jurisdiction.: 1. Type of jurisdiction of a court based on a person's interest in property within the jurisdiction of the court. Refers to proceedings that are brought against the defendant personally; yet it is the defendant's interest in the property that serves as the basis of the jurisdiction.