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sequest-, sequestr- (Latin: to give up for safe keeping; a depository, trustee; to shut up illegally).

To detach abnormally or separate a small portion from the whole.
Plural of sequestrum.
Pertaining to or of the nature of a sequestrum.
A sequestering agent; such as, for example, cholestyramine resin, that binds bile acids in the intestine, thus preventing their absorption.
1. The formation of a piece of a sequestrum.
2. The isolation of a patient.
3. A net increase in the quantity of blood within a limited vascular area, occurring physiologically, with or without forward flow persisting, or produced artificially by the application of tourniquets.
sequestrectomy, sequestrotomy:
The surgical removal of a sequestrum.
A piece of dead bone that has become separated during the process of necrosis from sound bone.