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serv- (Latin: safe; to save, saved, preserved; from servare).

A preserving agent, a preservative.
1. A confectionary preparation of fruit or other vegetable products preserved with sugar; jam.
2. To keep safe from harm or injury; to keep in safety, save, take care of, guard.
3. To keep alive, keep from perishing; to keep in existence, keep from decay, make lasting (a material thing, a name, a memory).
1. Something stored up, kept back, or relied upon, for future use or advantage; a store or stock; an extra quantity.
2. The amount of capital kept on hand by a banker, insurance company, etc., in order to meet ordinary or probable demands.
3. Kept or remaining unutilized; still available.
1. Unlikely to cause or result in harm, injury, or damage.
2. In a position or situation that offers protection, so that harm, damage, loss, or unwanted tampering is unlikely.
1. To rescue someone or something from harm or danger.
2. To avoid wasting something or using it unnecessarily.
3. To set something aside, to keep something back, or to protect something so that it can be used later.