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stalac-, stalag- (Greek > Latin: dropping, dripping; trickling; to drip, to drop, to trickle).

Deposited by dripping water; pertaining to or consisting of stalactites.
Of the nature of a stalactite; resembling or pertaining to stalactites.
Having the form of a stalactite.
1. An icicle-like formation of calcium carbonate (calcite or aragonite), dripping from the roof or sides of a cavern and produced by the dropping of water over a long time which has percolated through, and partially dissolved, the overlying limestone.
2. A conical hanging pillar in a limestone cave that has gradually built up as a deposit from ground water seeping through the cave's roof.

The father is explaining the stalactite in a cave.

See Jimmy, this is a stalactite, a word that comes from Modern Latin stalactites; but before that it came from Greek, stalaktos, meaning "dripping, dropping," or "to drip."

Having the form or structure of a stalactite, resembling or pertaining to stalactites.
1. A conical pillar in a limestone cave that is gradually built upward from the floor as a deposit from ground water seeping mineral-rich water through and dripping from the cave's roof.
2. An incrustation or deposit, more or less like an inverted stalactite, on the floor of a cavern, formed by the dropping from the roof of some calcite or aragonite in solution.

The father continues to explain about a stalagmite.

Now, this is a stalagmite, which also came from Greek stalagma, "a drop," or stalagmos, "dropping;" through New Latin stalagmites, "a drop" and both of them came from stalassein, stalak-, "to drip."

Formed in the same way as a stalagmite, composed of stalagmites or having their form or character.

And finally, father explains that when they are joined, we have a stalemate.

Finally, when a stalactite and a stalagmite join, we end up with a stalemate.

Just joking. It's really called a stalacto-stalagmite and it is pronounced [stuh LAK toh-stuh LAG might]. It is defined as a columnar deposit formed by the union of a stalactite with its complementary stalagmite composed of mineral-rich water; but, if it is easier for you to remember, it is also called a "column". Now you know all about these cave formations, don't you?

Identity Problem in the Mammoth Caves

O pendant stalactite,

Deposit crystalline,

Insensate troglodyte

Shaped of accreted brine,

Aspire you still to pierce

That upright stalagmite

Who in a million years

Your love cannot requite?

And if indeed your drip

With ardor one day fill her,

And bring you lip to lip,

And make you two one pillar …

Still, how can you be sure,

O pendant stalactite,

If you are you, or her—

An upright stalagmite?

—Willard R. Espy

An apparatus for measuring drops.
An instrument for viewing drops.