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stele-, stel-, -stele, -stelic (Greek: an inscribed stone slab; a block of stone, gravestone; column, pillar).

dictyostele, dictyostelic:
In some ferns and dicotyledons, a stele which is so interrupted by leaf-gaps as to resemble a network of strands.
meristele, meristelic:
A strand of vascular tissue made up of xylem surrounded by phloem.
monostele, monostelic:
A single axial cylinder of tissue in certain plants.
monostely, monostelous:
Having a single stele.
polystelic, polystele, polystely:
Of a stem or root: having more than one internal vascular cylinder or stele.
protostelle, protostelic:
A simple type of stele in which a central core of xylem is surrounded by a cylinder of phloem (inner fibrous bark of certain trees).
The hollow vascular cylinder of a stem, which may contain pith.
The hollow cylindrical stems, chiefly of ferns.
A reference to stele or steles.
1. An upright slab bearing sculptured designs or inscriptions. Sometimes loosely applied to any prepared surface on the face of a building, a rock, etc., covered with an inscription.
2. A bulky strand or cylinder of vascular tissue contained in the stems and roots of plants, developed from plerome (the core or central part of an apical [tip, summit] meristem [tissue formed at growing points]).
Pertaining to the building of stalked combs, as of certain wasps.
An inscription on a stele; the practice of placing commemorative inscriptions on steles, tablets, or pillars.