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suffoco-, suffoc- (Latin: choke, stifle, strangle).

suffocate, suffocates, suffocating, suffocated:
1. To deprive someone of air or to prevent someone from breathing, or to be unable to breathe.
2. To impair respiration; to smother, to asphyxiate.
3. To die from lack of air or to kill someone by stopping him/her from breathing.
4. To feel uncomfortable or to make someone feel uncomfortable through excessive heat and lack of fresh air.
5. To confine and restrict someone or something with adverse effects, or to be or to feel confined and restricted in development or self-expression.
6. From Latin suffocare, literal meaning is "to narrow up" from the stem fauc-, "throat, narrow entrance".
The state of being choked by obstruction of air passages by drowning, smothering, throttling, or inhalation of noxious gases.

Synonyms include: 1. asphyxiation, smothering, stifling, ; choking, strangulation, garroting.
2. suppress, quell, put down, subdue, overcome, extinguish, dampen, snuff out.