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tapho-, taph-, -taphia (Greek: burial, grave; tomb; funeral).

bibliotaph, bibliotaphic:
One who buries books by keeping them under lock and key.
cenotaph, coenotaph, cenotaphic:
An empty tomb or sepulchre; a sepulchral monument erected in honor of a deceased person whose body is elsewhere.
1. An inscription on a tombstone or monument commemorating the person buried there; occasionally, a brief composition characterizing a deceased person, and expressed as if intended to be inscribed on his tombstone.
2. A short speech or piece of writing celebrating the life of a recently deceased person.
A writer of epitaphs.
A burial in an urn.
taphephobia, taphiphobia, taphophobia:
1. A fear of being around or near cemeteries. 2 In psychiatry, an abnormal fear of being buried (alive).
The study of the processes by which animal and plant remains become preserved as fossils; the scientific study of fossilization. Hence taphonomic, taphonomical; taphonomist, a specialist in taphonomy.
1. An excessive interest graves and cemeteries.
2. A love or fondness for funerals.
3. In psychiatry, a morbid attraction to graves and cemeteries.
1. Anyone who like to visit cemeteries to see the various tombstones, etc. 2 In psychiatry, someone who has a morbid attraction to graves and cemeteries.
Someone who has an abnormal fear of going into or being near cemeteries.
A group of three cists or chambers in a prehistoric tomb.