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uxor- (Latin: wife; spouse [female]).

1. In civil law, a wife; a woman lawfully married.
2. Et uxor, and his wife. Often abbreviated "et ux."
3. Jure uxoris, a term used in reference to a husband who brings about some legal action on behalf of his wife.
Uxor non est sui juris, sed sub potestate viri. A legal term meaning: A wife is not her own mistress, but is under the power of her husband.

Uxor sequitur domicilium viri. A legal term meaning: A wife follows the domicile of her husband.

A condition of being sexually impotent with one's own wife but potent with other women. (See uxorovalence below for the opposite condition).
Of or pertaining to a wife or wives.
The condition of being a wife; wifehood.
The murdering of one's own wife or the man who kills his wife.
uxoricidic, uxoricidal:
Of, relating to, or marked by the murder of one's wife.
Obsession with thoughts of killing one's wife.
uxorilocal, uxorilocally:
Applied to or denoting residence after marriage in the area of the wife's home, family, or community.
A masochistic submissiveness to one's wife.
uxorious, uxoriously:
Excessively submissive to or devotedly attached, to a one's wife; especially in a self-effacing or submissive way.
The character or quality of being uxorious; doting or submissive fondness of one's wife.

Philander, Uxorious

I once knew a gander

True to his goose.

He didn't philander,

Didn't seduce.

Hail, meritorious

Gander uxorious!

-Willard R. Espy in Say It My Way, 1980.

A tax imposed on male citizens in ancient Rome for not marrying.
uxorodespotism, uxorodespotic:
1. A morbid domineering by one's wife; wifely tyranny. 2 Domination of a husband by a wife.
A condition of being sexually potent only with one's own wife but not with other women.