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vexat-, vex- (Latin: annoy, irritate; to harass; an agitation; a shaking, jolting, shock).

1. To make someone annoyed or upset.
2. To cause someone anxiety or distress; to agitate.
3. To confuse or puzzle someone.
3. In law, to harass, disquiet, annoy; as by repeated litigation upon the same facts.
In law, to be harassed, vexed, or annoyed; to be prosecuted; as in the maxim: Nemo debet bis vexari pro una et eadem causa, "No one should be twice prosecuted for one and the same cause."
vexata quaestio:
In law, a vexed question; a question often agitated or discussed, but not determined or settled; a question or point that has been determined differently, and so left doubtful.
1. The state of being provoked to irritability or anxiety.
2. Something that provokes irritability or anxiety.
3. The state or fact of being mentally troubled or distressed; in later use, especially by something causing annoyance, irritation, dissatisfaction, or disappointment.
4. In law, the injury or damage that is suffered as a result of the tricks of another person.
1. Provoking irritation or anxiety by causing trouble.
2. To put forward on insufficient grounds and with the intention of causing annoyance to the defendant.
3. In law, without reasonable or probable cause or excuse.
4. As a noun, vexatiousness.
vexatious delay or vexatious refusal to pay: In law, a term used in insurance statutes providing for penalties for an insurer's conduct in unjustifiably refusing to pay insurance claims.

In a vexatious manner; so as to cause annoyance or irritation.
vexatious proceeding:
In law, a proceeding instituted maliciously and without probable cause. A type of malicious prosecution based on a civil action that exists when the party bringing the proceeding is not acting bona fide, and is merely trying to annoy or embarrass his opponent, or when it is not calculated to lead to any practical result. Such a proceeding is often described as "frivolous and vexatious", and the court may dismiss it on that ground.
1. Irritated, provoked to irritability or anxiety.
2. Being the subject of much debate.
3. As an adverb, vexedly or as a noun, vexedness.