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volan-, vola- (Latin: to fly; flying; flies).

A constellation in the Southern Hemisphere.
1. Flying or able to fly.
2. Moving quickly or nimbly; agile.
3. In heraldry, depicted, or shown, with the wings stretched as if in flight.
1. Evaporating readily at normal pressures and temperatures.
2. Capable of being readily vaporized.
3. Changeable, especially, fickle or inconstant.
4. Given to violence, explosive.
5. Flighty, lighthearted.
6. Fleeting, ephemeral.
vol-au-vent: A light pastry shell containing a ragout of fish or meat.

1. Simultaneous discharge of several missiles.
2. The missiles thus discharged.
3. A bursting forth.
4. A shot, especially in tennis, made by hitting the ball before it touches the ground (while it's still "flying").